BAMBI Restaurant Video

Shoot and edit of SoMe promo video for the Aarhus restaurant BAMBI. Vis dette opslag på Instagram Et opslag delt af B A M B I ( den 3. Nov, …

Open Doors Gallery Video

Filmed, edited and distributed videos from our photography exhibitions in London. Saatchi Gallery exhibition: Shoreditch exhibition:

Confinement life in close-up

What happens when you’re locked up in France with a camera, one lens, no tripod and too much time on your hands? Music: Flughand – Feblu (all rights reserved the …

TerraCycle Creative Project Manager

TerraCycle’s mission is to eliminate the idea of waste by creating national recycling systems for previously non-recyclable or difficult-to-recycle waste. We partner with over 100 of the world’s largest brands, …

TerraCycle Social Media & Digital Content

Tasks: – Developing and executing strategy for TerraCycle’s social media platforms across Europe – Implementing social media communication campaigns for Brand Partnerships – Analysing and presenting communication initiatives and KPIs …

Square Roots

Creation of urban farming concepts with an engineer and three experience economists with the purpose of making it easier to grow edible plants in the city.

Sustain Festival Video

Concept development, directing, shooting and editing of promo video for Sustain Festival.


In charge of social media and digital media marketing. Telling the story of O-food by producing written and rich media content for and managing all of the digital platforms and …

49’er Team Sponsor Video

Concept development, directing, shooting and editing of Danish promo video for 49’er Team Warrer/Hansen.